Automated Oncall Scheduling

Predictable, Fair, and with self-service Control

Move beyond round-robin lists or spreadsheets.

Save time and make your managers and engineers happier by automating the chore of scheduling. Account for holidays, vacations, birthdays, and parental leaves. Automatically fill schedule holes when someone leaves the team, with minimal disruption. Always have the schedule set for 6 months into the future. Keep everybody's oncall shifts on their Google or Microsoft calendars.

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Bootstrap Themes

Fully automated, taking a weight off your shoulders and a chore off your list


Predictable for work and life


Each person controls their Schedule


Shift assignment is fair and transparent

Schedule Sync

The schedule syncs everywhere you need it

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  • ✅ 6 months with all features
  • ✅ Auto-schedules up to 12 months
  • ✅ 18 months Manual scheduling
  • ✅ Pagerduty schedule sync
  • ✅ Email Support


+ $2/user/mo

  • ✅ +Scheduling forever
  • ✅ +24hr weekday support SLA


  • ✅ +Volume discount
  • ✅ +Use your contract template
  • ✅ +Billing using your preferred tools
  • ✅ +Okta authentication
  • ✅ +Security, risk, & compliance questionnaires